Q: What are the ingredients in Getraw bars?
A: Click each bar on our product page to see a complete list ingredients.


Q: Is Getraw a meal replacement bar?
A: Getraw bars aren’t meal replacement bars, but they are a very filling snack! If you’re running late to a meeting or miss lunch, Getraw would be a nutritious snack to eat in addition to your normal meals.


Q: Is Getraw a protein bar?
A: Getraw is not a protein bar.


Q: Is Getraw for dieting?
A: Getraw supports healthy eating but we do not claim to be a diet supplement.


Q: Does Getraw contain gluten or dairy?
A: Getraw bars do not contain gluten or dairy.


Q: Are there nuts in Getraw?
A: There are nuts in all of our bars, so if you are allergic to nuts, these are not for you.


Q: Are there new flavors coming?
A: We do have new flavors in the works! Stay up to date with our Facebook and Instagram for news.


Q: How many Getraw bars can I eat per day?
A: We recommend one per day.


Q: Do Getraw bars contain sugar?
A: There are natural sugars in Getraw bars but we do not add sugar.


Q: Are Getraw bars vegan?
A: Yes, Getraw bars are absolutely vegan!


Q: Are Getraw bars organic?
A: The ingredients we use to make Getraw bars are organic.


Q: When should I eat Getraw bars?
A: Getraw bars are an “anytime” snack. Enjoy them on your way to work, on the beach, at coffee with a friend, while reading your favorite book, or as a dessert after dinner.


Q: Where in the world can I find Getraw bars?
A: Getraw bars are currently sold in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Portugal, Spain and France.


Q: Can I be a re-seller for Getraw?
A: If you are interested in being part of our movement and selling Getraw bars in your store please e-mail us and we will connect you with our distributors.