Frequently Asked Questions


A: GET RAW makes nibbling between meals a good thing, with delicious and nutritious snacks that support your healthy lifestyle!


Q: What is a GET RAW snack?

A: Each one of our snacks is made from natural ingredients and is proudly junk-free! They’re also organic, vegan, gluten-free and refined sugar-free. And did we say delicious? They are.


Q: What are the ingredients in
GET RAW snacks?

A: Click here for more information.


Q: Why eat GET RAW snacks?

A: Refueling on the go isn’t an indulgence, it’s a basic human need. So why not eat a snack that tastes delicious, is full of healthy ingredients and satisfies your hunger. Simple.


Q: When should you eat GET RAW snacks?

A: Whenever you feel like having something between meals!


Q: How are GET RAW snacks different from other snacks?

A: Well, in our humble opinion, they taste much better and support you in your efforts to be a healthy, vital human being on this planet.


Q: Are GET RAW snacks organic?

A: Yes.


Q: Are GET RAW snacks vegan?

A: You bet.


Q: Are GET RAW snacks gluten-free?

A: Yup.

Q: How to recycle?

A: As Plastics.


Q: Do GET RAW snacks contain sugar?

A: GET RAW bars are refined sugar-free, we sweeten them with fruit and coconut blossom nectar.


Q: Are there nuts in GET RAW snacks?

A: Yes. All of our bars contain nuts, so if you’re allergic, sorry, but we can’t feed you.


Q: How many calories do GET RAW bars contain?

A: A GET RAW bar contains an average of 200 calories from natural ingredients.


Q: Is GET RAW for dieting?

A: GET RAW supports healthy eating but we don’t claim to be a dietary supplement, rather a delicious, nutritious between-meal snack.


Q: Is GET RAW a meal replacement snack?

A: GET RAW snacks are not meal replacement snacks, but they are a very filling, healthy snack! If you’re running late to a meeting or miss lunch, GET RAW is your nutritious friend to eat in addition to your normal meals.


Q: How many GET RAW snacks can
I eat per day?

A: We recommend one per day (unless it’s a weekend, or your birthday, then go nuts).